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Motor Fleet Insurance

If you have a number of business vehicles, including company cars, vans, or even trucks, Motor Fleet insurance can offer a time- and cost-saving solution to provide the cover you need.

With Motor Fleet insurance you can keep your entire fleet of vehicles under one policy, meaning that:

  • You have just one renewal date for all vehicles, saving you time and money when arranging or renewing insurance cover.
  • A wide variety of cars, vans and other vehicles can be covered under one policy, making it easier to arrange cover to suit your needs.
  • Vehicles are covered for all required purposes, including both business and pleasure.
  • Vehicles can be added to your motor fleet insurance at any time, and premium adjustments can be deferred to convenient periods, such as quarterly or half-yearly.
  • For smaller businesses, Mini Fleet policies are also available from as little as 2 or 3 vehicles.

A Fleet Insurance policy has the advantage that a good claims experience generates an overall policy discount which would apply immediately to any additional vehicles. It is worth mentioning however, that a large claim on a single vehicle could have a disproportionately adverse effect on the whole policy depending on the number of vehicles insured. We will discuss this with you depending on your circumstances and advise you accordingly.

For just one van or commercial vehicle, please see our Commercial Vehicle Insurance page. For motor traders selling or repairing vehicles, see Motor Trade Insurance.

Our experience dealing with leading insurers and specialist underwriters means that we will be able to recommend the best policy for your circumstances and budget. We will also be there to help you in case of a claim, making sure everything is resolved as quickly as possible.

For detailed advice and a Motor Fleet Insurance quote, contact us today.

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