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Directors & Officer Liability Insurance

As a company director there are certain demands placed on you. If you take a decision, and find it has significant negative outcomes, the protection given to you by a Directors & Officers Liability policy (also known as D&O insurance) can help you recover from the significant financial burden that may follow a lawsuit or prosecution.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance from Gibbs Denley is designed to provide security against human error, giving a busy director the confidence to make the difficult decisions that their role demands.

What can Directors & Officers Liability Insurance cover?

A Directors & Officers Liability insurance policy covers the legal liability of the directors and officers against compensation claims and the cost of legal representation in defence of civil or criminal proceedings arising as a result of their activities in their capacity as directors or officers of a company. This can include:

  • Breach of trust, duty or contract
  • Financial mismanagement
  • Breaches of legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Harassment and discrimination claims

Most Directors & Officers Liability claims involve covering the financial burden of damages and out of court settlements, as well as the legal expenses incurred in defending civil or criminal proceedings. It can also reimburse a company where it is liable to provide an indemnity to the director, making it an important part of any business insurance.

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